Meet the Designer – Emily Forgot

Emily Forgot is a London based multidisciplinary designer whose practice spans across art, design and illustration. VG&P collaborated with Emily on a Limited-Edition three-piece series called Assembly, inspired by the architecture of post war schools. We spoke with Emily to discuss the designs, their inspiration and her process of making.


Tell us about your background as a designer, how has it informed your design aesthetic?

Emily: "My background is in illustration and graphic design but now my work seems to embrace the 3D world much more than the 2D practice in which I started my career. I think I have always been obsessed with objects and our environment, so it feels like a natural progression to work spatially.

Coming from a discipline like graphic design certainly influences the idea of communication through aesthetics and my illustration side leans into the narratives I wish to put forward so there is an element of storytelling and fantasy to some of my work."


Tell us more about how the Assembly series came to life, what were the key influences for the design?

Emily: "The brief from VG&P was very open but the idea was to collaborate on something to celebrate their 10-year anniversary. I had been making my wooden relief assemblages for a few years and we thought it would be nice to produce something similar but using the processes, techniques and material employed to create some of VG&Ps furniture and accessories. The starting point for the project was the Canteen Chair which is influenced by classic post-war British school chairs. It became the springboard for my architectural research into post-war schools that developed the basis of the design. In the end, the piece was based on an image I found in the Design Council archive from 1951 of a classroom block in Stevenage by Architect F R S Yorke. Naming the limited-edition pieces Assembly was a nice nod to the school reference and also the method of construction."

What was the process of making the pieces and the choice behind the materials used?

Emily: "The materials and processes were chosen to echo those used in the fabrication of VG&Ps collection, from bent and tubular steel to wood and powder coated metal."


Do you have a favourite Architect?

Emily: "That is too difficult to answer! I am always discovering places and spaces I love but a firm favourite will always be the architecture of Ricardo Bofill. In particular his own office and home La Fabrica just outside Barcelona. I love the poetry and bravery of his work."

What is your favourite medium to work with?

Emily: "I enjoy working with wood and paint, as it is something I feel very comfortable working with myself in the studio but there are so many interesting materials to explore and experiment with so I like the idea of collaborating with other specialists who can make the things in my imagination come to life. Just like with the Assembly project, I love the opportunity to learn from other creators and to push work in new directions."

What is on the horizon for you as a designer, are there any interesting projects coming up?

Emily: "On the subject of collaboration, I have some exciting collaborations coming up that push my work outside the boundaries of my own processes. These include a collaboration with Floorstory on a new series of rugs and 2 large scale installations for a company called Brookfields in London. These installations are being fabricated at the moment and Im excited to bring some happiness and colour to people returning to the office this summer."

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